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staff recruitment

We continue to take particular care over staff selection and our recruitment practice involves 5 main stages.

Application FormStage 1 - CV

Our initial appraisal is based on a hand written application document, covering Health, Educational and Career History.

This also includes details used for CRB and CTC checks.


identityStage 2 - Identity

We insist on proof of identity, including passports, driving licence, National insurance and proof of Address.

Copies of all of the above are kept on file along with photographs of the applicant.


interviewStage 3 – Home Interview

We insist on conducting interviews at the applicants home address.

This tells us a little more about the person and helps put them at ease and allows them to give the best account of themselves.


ReferencesStage 4 – References

We always insist on at least 2 references, one preferably from a previouse employer.

All references are personally followed up and verified.


CRB & CTCStage 5 - CRB / CTC Checks

Client specific, the last stage involves detailed CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and CTC (Counter Terrorist Checks) to be performed.

This is undertaken by 2 independent companies.