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Case Study
ICON Clinical

case study ICON

ICON Clinical

ICON had changed cleaning contractor several times over a short period of time, yet despite their best efforts …little had changed.

It is very often the case that the incoming contractor simply TUPE’s existing staff across and then of course…it’s business a usual. The same uninterested workforce continue to produce an poor service.

As always Meridian started day one with our own proven supervisors running the site. The additional on site resources give us time to re-train and mentor legacy staff giving while maintaining our high standards. As new staff come on line to replace non performing legacy staff we maintain those additional resources allowing new staff to learn and build up speed gradually…bumpless transfer.

Twelve weeks later and we had succeeded in reaching a consistently high standard, all necessary staff changes had been implemented and the client was happy….job done…..well not really, we never walk away, we are always there to monitor, advise and if necessary implement to ensure great service.