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Carpet care

Blake Lapthorn

Blake Lapthorn

With Blake Lapthorn’s range of beautiful delicate light beige patterned Miliken Carpets it was essential we had the full resources on site to ensure the carpeting always looked its best.

In addition to the hot water extract machine we keep a complete range of spot removers and solutions on site to deal with the majority of office stains, including neutral ph water based cleaners, alkaline protein spotters through to acidic gels to tackle even those stubborn toner spills.

In combating stains, time is of the essence, so both our day staff and evening cleaners are fully trained in carpet and fabric care, identifying stains and the best cleaning solutions to use.

Meridian take care of all the costs involving the machine from initial purchase throught to regular servicing, we also include all solutions and powders used.

Inclusive carpet cleaning the Meridian way, really is a Must-Have, it’s not only a great cost saving but gives you the best chance of keeping your carpets stain free.