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How it works

Commercial Cleaning

FREE Start-up Clean

Our commitment to you starts from the very first day.

Every new contract starts with a complete spring clean of your premises, undertaken by our staff at our expense. This is normally undertaken on the weekend prior to handover and allows us to get things right for you from day one. It helps us establish an effective benchmark….and shows you just what we can do…and in a small way… justifies your faith in us. Regardless of your size or location our teams will undertake a full clean including high and low level Cleaning. Bins will be washed and re-lined, kitchen cupboards cleaned and sanitized, sinks de-scaled.

In-fact it will probably be the best clean you have had in quiet a while!

Supervision & working with legacy staff

With the free start-up clean completed your building will already be looking better. However the next stage is critical and involves maintaining those standards. Proven Meridian Supervisors will be introduced to the mix and working within TUPE guidelines your existing staff will be re-trained and given every opportunity and all necessary support to be part of part of the new service.

Our supervisors will ensure quality standards remain high and in addition will undertake the continuing mentoring of legacy staff. Continual assessment is very much the order of the day and within the first 12 weeks we would look to have completed all necessary staff changes. As always training is on-going and is very much part of the meridian way. That’s why people choose us…

Pushing the boundaries … with smarter thinking.

Your FREE Meridian start up clean lifted cleaning standards in your building, our cleaning crews are now maintaining them....job done?… well not quiet… the next step is looking at ways of improving the service, to give your even greater quality and better value for money.

Some innovations and improvements will already be in place as a result of the initial assessment carried our during the start-up clean, however we are never afraid to re-invent and now is the time to fine tune and look at more dynamic approaches. Just because "we have always done it like this" doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way, we pride ourselves on our ability to improve and enhance your service  based on innovative thinking and a wealth of experience in the industry. Our open minded approach and willingness to evolve keeps us at the forefront of commercial cleaning on the South Coast, as we continually look for better ways to use resources… smarter thinking… just ask our clients